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RMS Wreck Removal
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Tourle St Bridge
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Loading 600 tonne Crane
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Crane Lifts on Pontoon Barge
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Crane Lashing on Barge
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Sheer Leg Crane Barge
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Wreck Removal
Port Kembla

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Barge and Crane Operations

ASO Marine work closely with barge and crane operators to provide indispensable stability and structural assessments for projects that require crane operations over water. Projects to date include:

  • Tourle Street Bridge Duplication, Newcastle
  • Barangaroo Ferry Hub, Sydney
  • Caltex Terminal, Kurnell
  • Artificial Reef installations
  • Bridge Removal for Liberty Industrial at Duck Creek, Sydney
  • Rail Bridge Construction, Adelaide

Services include:

  • Lift studies
  • Vessel stability
  • Structural review and design for crane loads
  • Seafastening
  • Roll on – Roll off sequence calculations