FPSO EPV Bala Mutiara

SEP Desley Anne
New Design

RTA Cable Ferries
New Design

Washington State Ferries
High Speed Ferry Design
By ASO staff

BKA Camel
Submersible Barge Design
By ASO staff

Wave Energy Converter Design

43m Luxury Yacht
Naval Architecture Design
By ASO staff

Sealift 1
Jack-up Barge Design
By ASO staff

Del Norte
San Francisco
High Speed Ferry Design
By ASO staff

Dredge Eastern Aurora
New Spud Carrier Bow Modification

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Vessel Design / Conversion

ASO Marine can provide design and project management services for new design and conversion projects. Previous projects include:

  • SEP Desley Anne - 45m Jack-up Barge for Walz Construction
  • Conversion of the MT Stena Caribbean to FPSO Balai Mutiara for BC Petroleum at Keppel Tuas, Singapore
  • RMS Cable Ferries for New South Wales Rivers
  • MY Noble House – 53m Luxury motor yacht
  • MV Bengalley – 12m self powered work barge
  • FPSO Ningaloo Vision refurbishment for Apache Energy Ltd at Keppal Tuas, Singapore